Great Poster Making App For Android

Here I am going to tell you guys today how to create posters and banners using your android phone. The name of this app is the poster maker. You can easily download the free version here from the Google Play Store.


Download and install the app now. Open it now. This is the kind of interface we see here.

Poster Maker App For Android

Here we can create a Poster from the Create Poster. Designs is where we save the drafts of the poster we’ve installed. And there is free design poster templates available. If you want, take a template and edit it.

Start Working

Okay now let’s go to Create Poster.

Create Canvas

First we need to get a Canvas the size of our poster here. From there you can select your preferred size Canvas. To get Canvas for Social Media Standard Size you have to pay for this app.

Poster Maker App For Android


Then we come to the Backgrounds. From here we have to make the background of our poster. You can use a picture, Texture, Gradient, or Color of your choice.

Create Poster

Then we come to the create poster.

Poster Maker App For Android

Adding Texts

In this section of the text, we can add Texts to the poster as we want. This app has provided us with all the tools you need to modify the text. (See images below)

Adding Stickers

From the Stickers section here we can add various Clip Arts to our poster.

Adding Effects

In the effects section, we can put different effects on our poster. (These only really fall into the background of the poster)

Poster Maker App For Android

Adding Images

Then we come to the image section. Here we can add photos to the poster. We also have tools to edit those photos.

Change Background

Then we come back to the BG, or Backgrounds. If we want we can change the background of our poster again.

Layer Panel

You can see the layers in this poster from the Layer Panel at the top. You can also lock and unlock those layers.

Poster Maker App For Android

Save Work

Then you can click the right mark at the top and save this poster as an image or as a draft if you want to work on another poster.

Poster Maker App For Android

Well that’s how this app works…
Say goodbye to this article today… Have a nice day for you all !!!!

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