Create an artful photo blend using your android phone

Well guys, today I’m going to tell you about a beautiful photo blend that can be applied to your photos. The name of this app is Artful Photo Blend. You can easily download this app through the Google Play Store.


Download and install the app now. Open it now. Here we see an interface like this.

Best photo blend app for android

Go to Camera here and you can take a photo with your phone’s camera and edit it right away. In Gallery, you can select a photo that already exists on your phone and edit it. Your photos are stored in a section called Your Photos.

Start Editing

Get the photo you want to edit now in Camera or Gallery. Now you can crop it to the desired size.

Best photo blend app for android

Ok now we have lots of pictures to blend with our photo. You choose one of them.

Now we come to Photo Blend. You can increase the amount of photo blend by using the handle at the bottom.

Once you have done the blending, click on the “OK” mark at the top to finish the task. Then you can share this photo.

Best photo blend app for android

Ok so that’s how this app works.

In my opinion this is a really simple and creative app. The downside to this is that we can only blend a photo with an image provided by this app.

Well then goodbye to this article… Have a nice day for you all !!!!

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