Make Your Own 3D Logo Using your Android Phone

Well guys,
In an earlier article we talked about an app that can create a logo for your business and website using your Android phone. So go read that article and read it. The app we talked about in that article was not capable of making 3D Logos. So let’s talk about an Android app that we can use to make a 3D Logo.

The name of this app is 3D Logo Maker. The free version is available for you to download through the Google Play Store.


Download and install the app now. Open it now. Here is an interface like this.

3D Logo Making App

All right, let’s start making a logo. First go to Create Logo here.

Create Logo


First we come here to the section called Backgrounds. You can choose a color, gradient, image and make a custom background here.


Next we come to the section called Logos. Here we show 3D Images / Clip Arts which we can use for the logo. You can create your own logo by selecting the desired one and resizing it. You can use multiple Clip Arts at once.

3D Logo Making App


Next we come to the Shapes section. There we can add 2D-like shapes to our logo.

3D Logo Making App


Then we come to the Add Text section. Here we can add texts to the logo and make any necessary changes to the text.

Save Logo

Now after the logo is created we can click on the Save icon at the top to save the logo.

3D Logo Making App

Well, my opinion on this app is that it really isn’t my favorite app. The 3D Icons provided here are very creative. But I don’t see the features of the other Logo Maker here. And I don’t see Undo even here. So I don’t see this as a good app.

Well, goodbye to today’s article… Have a nice day for you all !!!!

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