Here’s a great app for Portrait Photo Editing

Well guys,
What I’m going to give you today is a great app that can add the hottest effects to your Portrait Photo. The name is Photo Lab. You can easily download the free version here through the google play store.

Here’s a great app for Portrait Photo Editing


Once you have downloaded and installed this app, open it. (You must be connected to the Internet when using this)

Here’s a great app for Portrait Photo Editing

Once the app is open, we’re on a social network like the one in Picsart we talked about in an earlier article. Other creators use this social network to share creations through this app. You can also create an account here and share your creations with others.

Start Editing

I’m not talking about this social network anymore. Let’s go back to the editing. To do so, click on Categories from the toolbar.

A large number of effects are classified under Categories. From there you can select your desired effect category. Okay, now that category also shows you a lot of effects. Then choose the effect you like.

Here’s a great app for Portrait Photo Editing

Ok so now you can put the effect and choose the photo. Once selected, you can crop it to your desired size. Okay now your photo shows that effect. If you want, click Add and add more effect, text and animate to the photo.

Well that’s how this app can work.

My opinion about this app

My personal opinion about this app is that this is a great app. Very creative effects can be seen here. But what I find to be the main drawback here is that using the effects of the internet is essential, and the amount of ads that pop up when using this is a bit annoying. Also, when it comes to effects for photos, it takes quite a while to process. These are what I see as flaws here.

Well, goodbye to this article. Happy day to all of you… !!!

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