Another Great Drawing App For Android – Infinite Design

In today’s article, I’m going to give you another great app for Hand Drawing. This is the same app as the adobe sketch app we talked about in an earlier article. This app is Infinite Design. You can easily download the free version through the Google Play Store here.


Ok, now you have to download and install the app. When we open the app, we can see this interface.

Here is the best drawing app for android

From here we can get a new Canvas and draw our own. From the image, we can draw our photographs on our phone. Let’s click on New and get a new Canvas. Now from the dialog box, we can change the name, size, background-color of our canvas. Then click Create.

Here is the best drawing app for android

Infinite canvas

Okay, now we have our canvas open. Now here is where we do our drawings. We can do the drawings using the brushes in the toolbar at the bottom. It also has a color palette to change the color of the eraser and brush to erase.

Brush Options

Once you have touched the brush twice, you can go to brush options. There we can choose the brush we want and make any necessary changes to it.

Layer Options

It also has selection tools for selecting and dragging and selecting transforms and scaling. Also, from the Layer Panel at the top, we can get Layers and draw on them. Also, when you click on Layer 2, you can go to Layer Options and make Layer Changes. Canvas can also add a grid.

Selection, Transform & Scaling Tools

Also in the toolbar at the bottom of the toolbar you can select, Transform, Scale…


Once you have finished drawing, you can click on the dotted mark at the top and go to Options, Save, Export, Share, etc.

Here is the best drawing app for android

My Opinion

Well, actually my personal opinion on this app is that this is really a good app for hand-drawing. In fact, it feels more user-friendly than the Adobe Sketch we talked about in an earlier article.

Okay then goodbye to this article. Happy day to all of you… !!!

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