Here is the best drawing app for android 2019

Well guys,
Today I’m going to tell you in this post about the best android app that anyone who wants to draw pictures on the phone can use. This app is Adobe Sketch. Free App. You can easily download it through google play store.

Ok now download and install the app. and then open it.


best drawing app for android-Adobe Sketch

Okay so here’s an interface like this. This is where we have to do the drawings. Layer panel on the right. On the left are the brushes that we draw.

best drawing app for android-Adobe Sketch

Layer Panel

In the layer panel, you can add new layers, delete, and remove the layer’s visibility. And clicking on a layer twice, you can see the layer options. There you can change the opacity of the layer, change the blend mode of the layer, transform, etc.


Well, from the brush panel we can select the brush we like and draw. And if we click on that brush twice, we can go to the settings and change the brush. Here we can change the color, size and blend of the brush to whatever we want.

My opinion about this app

Well, this way we can make changes to the brushes and layers and do our drawings. If you use a stylus to draw, you can create a really good design. Because a phone is really hard to draw with your finger because its screen size is so small. There is no problem with a tab. But if you want to paint better, I suggest using stylus…

Well, goodbye to today’s article…Happy day to all of you… !!!

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