Turn your photo to sketch instantly using your android phone

Well, guys
Today I’m going to tell you in this post about a super android app that can turn your photo into a sketch. This is the name 3D Sketch Maker. You can easily download and install it through the google play store.


Ok, open the app now…Let’s see what can be done with this.
All right, when the app is opened, you will see this interface.

photo to sketch app

2D Sketch

Let’s go through what we have here. Let’s go with 2D Sketch.
First, here are all the images on our phone. Select the image you want to convert to sketch. Then you can crop it to the extent you need. Then click on the mark at the top.

photo to sketch app

Okay now we can click the effects below and turn the photo into sketch as we want.

3D Sketch

Okay, let’s go back to the home interface and go to 3D Sketch. And here’s what we’ve done before.

Art Cartoon

Okay, let’s go back to the home interface and go to Art Cartoon. And that’s exactly what we’ve done in 2D sketch / 3D Sketch.

If these options are used then processing will take some time. But it’s not worth the big.

Sketch Camera

Next, let’s go to the Sketch Camera. This is where we have the effect of changing the image to the camera app. That means we can take photos while sketch. The handle on the underside allows us to control the size of the effect.


Okay now, let’s go to the Album section. This is where the pictures we make from this app are stored. Here we can share and delete unwanted.

My opinion about this app

Well, I can’t be 100% satisfied with this app. However, if we want a quick sketch image, we can use this. For example, you thought you could add a sketch image of your face to your facebook profile. But you need to make it in five minutes. You are in a hurry. If this is the case then this app is really useful.

Okay, so goodbye to this article today…Happy day to all of you… !!!

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